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Summary: Here are the home building contractors that you will need to build a new home or to remodel a home.

Often these contractors are referred to as subcontractors.

A subcontractor is an individual contractor or a contracting firm that contracts with a General Contractor, or you if you are an owner builder, to perform part or all of a specific home building job. In the construction industry, subcontractors are also called subs.

In your case you are technically the builder or general contractor, and you will build your new home by subcontracting with others for specific jobs.

You will pay for the project by setting a predetermined contract amount with each subcontractor.

This is important and is covered in depth on the subsequent pages.

You will have no hourly wage employees working for you, which means you will avoid all of the governmental red tape and taxes concerning employees.

Your contractors and subcontractors are not considered to be employees.

Some subcontractors, or contractors, need to be licensed for their trade. Check with your local building inspection department to see which ones do. For those that do need to be licensed, be sure to ask to see a copy of their contractor license.

It is very important that you read my page on contractor insurance.

Below is a list of home building contractors, subcontractors and professional people you probably will be contracting with, listed generally in the order in which you will need them.

I've written about some of these contractors and the work that they do in more detail, so click through the links to get more information.

Contractors needed:
Site supervisor
Construction manager
Real estate attorneys
▪ Real estate broker for land search
▪ Loan officer at banks, credit unions, or mortgage lenders
House designer or architect
Structural engineer
▪ Licensed fee appraiser
Framing carpenter (your key sub, to be lined up early)
Grading and excavation contractor
Soil Treatment firm
▪ Footing contractor
Building suppliers
▪ Brick masonry contractor to build a block foundation
▪ Concrete contractor to pour concrete walls, and the slab or concrete floors, as well as drives, walks and approaches.
Waterproofing contractor
Electrical contractor
▪ Plumbing contractor (also well and septic system, if needed)
▪ Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) contractor
Roofing subcontractors
▪ Insulation contractor
▪ Drywall contractor
▪ Painting contractor
▪ Finish carpenter (Installs kitchen and other built-in cabinets and trim around doors and windows. This work is often, but not always, done by main carpentry sub.)
▪ Flooring, carpet, and counter top contractor
▪ Tile contractor
▪ Cleaning crew contractor
▪ Landscape contractor
Shell Builders
NOTE: For Finding, Hiring, Getting Bids, Paying, and working with your contractors, read the articles on pages 2, 3, and 4.


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