Build Your Own House

Building Materials for Houses

Summary: Building Materials for Houses from flooring to roofing include energy efficient building materials, sustainable building materials, Eco friendly building materials, green building materials, even recycled building material.

The Building Material Supplies that you will be buying are listed below by the type of company or supplier and the products they sell. Some sell several different products, so you can shorten your shopping time when you patronize them.

Some home building suppliers even have recycled building material! Just be sure you local building inspection department allows the use of recycled and or used building materials in new construction…some don’t.

Building material suppliers will require a credit check on you. Your suppliers may also want the name of your construction lender. This lender reference is the key to your getting credit with them. Obviously, if your credit is strong enough for the lender, it’s strong enough for the suppliers, and often just the lender reference is enough.

  • Sand and Gravel Company
  • Brick company (or face (decorative) brick)
  • Concrete block and brick company (for mortar mix and the building blocks for foundations)
  • Concrete supply company (for concrete for basements, garages, footings, and driveways)
  • Lumber company or home center (for framing lumber, nails, windows, doors, roofing, siding, paneling, and interior and exterior trim.
  • Flooring company (for vinyl, wood, and tile flooring and for carpet)
  • Cabinet shop (to fabricate custom cabinets. Most lumber companies also sell both ready-made and custom cabinets.)
  • Counter top company (for granite, marble, etc. counter top, hearth, vanities, etc.)
  • Lighting fixtures supplier (for light fixtures, bathroom fans, exhaust fans. The firm will do a complete count of your lighting needs and help you stay within a dollar figure set during estimation.)
  • Paint store (for wallpaper. Paint is usually purchased by your painter and included in the price per square foot.)
  • Appliance store (Some lumber companies and lighting centers carry appliances.)
  • Insulation company
  • Tile company (for ceramic tile, marble, and any decorative stonework)
  • Drywall company (Sheetrock is the most common brand. Some lumber companies and home centers also sell drywall.)
  • Any other specialty type suppliers that you may need for certain items not carried by one of the above, such as cabinet shops.
  • Large home centers or lumber companies may carry most of your needs. Some carry everything from bricks to wallpaper. So long as their prices are competitive, that’s fine.