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Credit Score Calculator

Summary: Here's a Credit Score Calculator that can give you an estimate of your current credit score range.

Your credit score determines the interest rate you will pay and your credit worthiness to mortgage lenders. The higher your score, the lower your interest rate will be as well as your chances of getting a new home construction loan or home mortgage.

Check your credit report and get your credit scores before you start looking for a new home, home mortgage or home construction loan.

Credit scores give lenders a fast, objective and consistent estimate of your credit risk.

Here's a very fast and easy to use free credit score calculator from and FICO®.

It is nonintrusive. It doesn't even ask for your name or email address!

No signing up for anything!


I found the FICO® Score Estimator to be fairly accurate in giving you your credit score range.

Just answer ten very simple questions and instantly receive your estimated FICO® Score range.

You can also play around with the myFICO® Score Estimator and see how your credit score can change when you do "good" things like pay your bills on time, or "bad" things like miss a credit card payment, or even declare bankruptcy.

To use the free FICO® Score Estimator, click HERE.

Credit scores are very important. Know yours! No one likes surprises when applying for a loan.

If you have bad credit or low credit scores read Bad Credit.

Carl Heldmann