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Cheap Solar Power

Summary: Leasing solar panels with no money down and free solar panel installation makes solar energy affordable. A solar calculator shows you how much money you can save.

The high initial cost of solar energy is what stops most home owners from buying a solar system. Leasing is an innovative approach.

Instead of buying solar system equipment, you simply lease it.

And, according to SolarCity your electric bill is lowered enough to cover the lease and still save money. They will do an analysis for you.

SolarCity says that their SolarLease is the most popular residential solar financing option in the country!

High Performance Solar Panels

SolarCity says they use only best-in-class solar equipment from top-rated manufacturers.

They say they will do the homework for you and select solar modules that offer a combination of high performance and high quality.

SolarCity says that their designers will recommend the best solar panels for your home based on your local weather, roof space and other factors.

Read more about Solar City. Note: SolarCity is now part of Tesla.

As with any construction contract or any kind of lease, proceed with caution and due diligence and consult with an attorney.

Carl Heldmann