Build Your Own House

Build Your Own House - Free eBook

Build Your Own House - Save 25% Without Lifting a Hammer

YOU Be the General Contractor!

By Carl Heldmann,

Author of the popular “Build Your Own House” web site

Here’s my FREE home building eBook to teach you how to build your own house and determine the cost to build your own house!

This eBook is an instant PDF with 85 Pages and dozens of Color Photos.

Step by Step you can learn to be a General Contractor

The most frequently asked questions I hear are:

• What is the actual cost to build a house?

About 75% of what a professional home builder tells you it costs.

• What does “contract my own house” mean?

That you are in charge! You contract with the (sub) contractors such as plumbers, carpenters, etc. directly.

• Will building my own house interfere with my job?

Not if you don’t let it.

• Do I have to be licensed?

Not when you are building your own home in the USA or Canada.

• What is the number one problem that home builders run into?

Cost overruns.

• Can I really save 25% without lifting a hammer?


• Is this a good time to build or remodel a house?

It’s always a good time to buy, build or remodel when YOU are the General Contractor.

What will you learn from this eBook?

• How to Get Started

• Select Land

• Find & Read House Plans

• Establish a Home Building Budget

• Estimate Home Building Costs

• Find Good Subcontractors

• Get a Discount on Home Building Materials

• Schedule the Work

• Obtain Financing

• Obtain Permits, and more.

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You can do it!
Carl Heldmann