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Cost to Build a House by State

Cost to Build a House by State

Summary: The cost to build a new house will vary from state to state mainly due to the use of local home building contractors, and local building materials.

However, the cost of land (building site), land development, local impact fees, and other fees, if any, which can vary greatly by locale, are excluded when calculating the cost to build a house.

The cost to build a new home in the states listed below can be recalculated yourself by using this construction estimating software, theĀ Building Cost Calculator.

You will see how the estimated cost of construction differs considerably by changing the home design, home size, and/or the quality of building materials. By using several different Quality Class selections on the calculator for the same house & zip code, this becomes evident.

Using the estimating software is easy, fun to do and a real eye opener.

Find different house plans online that you like and experiment!

You should keep in mind that the total cost to build any new house can vary considerably and that the cost to build estimates found on are approximate.

Not until you start getting your own construction bids and estimates and start entering them into a spreadsheet, can you get more accurate estimates. See my spreadsheet page for FREE spreadsheets. Carl Heldmann

Here are a few cost to build examples for a few cities/states:

Alabama (Birmingham), Arizona (Phoenix), Arizona (Tucson), California (Berkeley), California (LA), California (Sacramento), California (Santa Rosa), California (San Bernardino), Colorado (Boulder), Connecticut (New Haven), Florida (Fort Lauderdale), Georgia (Atlanta), Illinois (Chicago), Indiana (South Bend), Iowa (Des Moines), Kansas (Wichita), Michigan (Grand Rapids), Missouri (St. Louis), New Hampshire (Concord), New Mexico (Socorro), New York (Syracuse), North Carolina (Charlotte), North Carolina (Raleigh), Oregon (Portland), South Carolina (Spartanburg), Tennessee (Nashville), Texas (San Antonio), Vermont (Burlington), Virginia (Richmond), Washington State (Seattle), Wisconsin (Appleton)