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Cost to Build a Home in New York State with Unfinished Basement

Cost to Build a Home in New York State

Georgian homes are stately and elegant and are characterized by their proportion and balance. They typically have square symmetrical shapes with a formal arched entry centered in the front facade. The most common building materials used are brick or stone with red, tan, or white being frequently used colors.

The quality of this home could be summarized as “Class 4, Good Standard.”

• The perimeter of the building has 6 corners.

• The living area is 2,401 square feet.

• The number of stories is 2.

• Basement: 1355 square feet of unfinished basement.

• Garage: 425 square feet of attached, finished garage.

• Concrete deck, walk or driveway: 100 square feet of surface.

• Central ducted heating and cooling.

• 1 each insulated prefab metal fireplace, brick face.

HOME PLAN #592-001D-0014 from

The estimated approximate Cost to build this home in Syracuse, New York as per the Craftsman Building Cost Calculator is $330,287 (including a General Contractor’s markup of $37,707), or $138 per sq. ft.

Note: Land and possible related fees (if any) are NOT included in the cost to build. Read more on fees on my Checklist for buying land on How to Buy Land and Build a House.

I came up with this cost to build estimate by using the cost estimating software from Craftsman Book Co. You can use the same estimating software to update this cost to build estimate to see if this 2018 cost has changed. You can also experiment with different building quality inputs that affect the cost to build.

Additional NOTE: For additional inexpensive living space, you can finish a “below grade” basement attractively by using ScapeWEL window wells.

ScapeWEL Window Wells from Bilco

Enjoy, Carl Heldmann