Build Your Own House

Cost to Build a House in Illinois

How much does it cost to build a new home with an unfinished basement in Illinois.

To estimate cost, I’ll use the construction estimating software from Craftsman Books and use their Quality Class 4, Good Standard.

Years of building experience have taught me that a steep pitched roof with dormers is an excellent way to have more living area.

Based on 1906 sq. ft of living area in the Kankakee, IL area I came up with an approximate cost of $274,724.

This includes permits, insurance, home plans, and a General Contractor markup of $31,364. It does not include land, land development costs, impact fees, or other local fees, if any.

Design Connection, LLC-Plan N586

Main Floor: 1412 sq. ft.

Second Floor: 494 sq. ft.

Total living area: 1906 sq. ft.

3 Bedrooms

2 & 12 Baths

Garage: 2 car (approx 350 sq. ft.)

Deck: 75 Sq. ft.

Foundation: Unfinished Basement: 1412 sq. ft.

You should keep in mind that the cost to build for this example, or any house plan, can vary considerably depending on the quality of materials selected, and on actual bids for labor and material.

Use cost estimating software to update this 2018 estimate to see if the cost has changed. You might also want to experiment with different building quality inputs that affect the cost to build.

Until you actually start getting bids and entering them into your own spreadsheet (see my spreadsheet page for FREE spreadsheets) it will remain approximate.

Carl Heldmann