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Instant Hot Water Systems

Summary: A hot water recirculation system is an instant hot water system that can be added to your present hot water system to save money and water.

One of the most frustrating things in life is waiting for the hot water to get to the faucet you are using. It can seem like an eternity.

It can also waste an incredible amount of fresh water right down the drain and into the sewer system. This is not good.

If the hot water heater is a considerable distance from bathrooms or the kitchen, there is even an increase in wasted water.

You even waste heated water while waiting for the really hot water.

That warm water that first flows while you are waiting for the really, really hot water, was heated by your water heater and now it too is going down the drain.

In many parts of the country, the water and sewer bill is more than the gas or electric bill...or even the cable bill...YIKES!

And, in many parts of the country (and most of the world) there is an acute shortage of fresh water

So, instead of letting all that water, both warm and cold, go down the drain (along with your money) why not send it back to the water heater?

That is what a Hot Water Recirculation System does.

It is a hot water pipe loop, and a recirculation pump, that sends the unheated water back to the water heater until the temperature you desire at the faucet or shower is reached, and then it shuts itself off, or you shut it off.

This accomplishes not only water conservation, but it makes the job of heating water easier for the water heater.

By receiving some warm water along with cold water in its supply line, the hot water heater has to heat less cold water coming in.

A hot water recirculation system is activated only as needed.

It can be on a timer, or a thermostat, or a simple on and off switch.

Using an on and off switch means you still have to wait for hot water, but the water is not going down the drain while you wait.

Carl Heldmann