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Cost to Build a Log Home

How much does it cost to build a Log Home?

“Hi Carl, we are just in the beginning stage of all our research on building a milled log/timber hybrid home. We like one manufacturer best, not only because of their product but because they provide the crew to come to your location and erect the weather tight shell for us…then we can choose to be our own contractor and finish the interior. This seems like a less daunting task to proceed towards.
However, our initial contact with them on our favorite design (2330 sq feet) they said would run approximately $700,000. WOW! We are use to high amounts here in the California sierras but that was unbelievable. They stated if we choose a more simple design then the construction costs would run around $225 sq foot being your own general contractor. How can that be?

We have contacted two general contractors in the area and both have stated the same figures on building conventional homes at $170 to $200/sq ft for premium finished homes. Are log homes that much more expensive than conventional and doesn’t $225 sq ft seem really high for us to be our own general contractor? This has really discouraged us, but we will keep doing further research. Dan”

Hi Dan,
You are experiencing what I went through years ago when I wanted to build our dream house. All General Contractors quote retail (what else would they say?), and no one except people like me will tell you what building a house really costs. Fortunately, I found someone who did (a draftsman), and the rest, as they say, is history.

But, as to your dilemma, yes, log homes do cost more, but not that much more (Not $700,000 for 2330 sq ft!) You need to shop some more, maybe a lot more. Having a set of plans drawn up would certainly help you in your quest, even just a preliminary set.

Carl Heldmann