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Cost of Home Elevator

Summary: A home elevator may be considered a luxury to some but it may be a necessity for others. Planning for a residential elevator is good investment for the future.

As an owner builder saving tens of thousands of dollars, you have the luxury of investigating options such as a home elevator for your house.

Anyone contemplating a new home or custom home might want to look into home elevators.

Consider the following:

  • The more accessible the home, the more appealing it will be to a wider variety of potential buyers, and you should always consider the resale value of a home when you design it.
  • The architectural and design and possibilities of multiple story homes are far greater than with single story homes.
  • Building multistory is cheaper than building the same size one story house.
  • A residential elevator is a desirable feature for an aging population, and/or for those with disabilities.
  • A home elevator may mean the difference between staying in your house or having to move to a one level home.
  • No one ever forgets visiting a home that has an elevator. I sure haven't.
  • The cost of a home elevator can be as low as the price of a mid size car.
  • There are many other reasons to consider an elevator.
  • While in the home design stage of building your new home you can provide the space required for a residential elevator as you design your house. All that most home elevators will require for installation are 2 stacked (one above the other) closets.

    You can use the closets now as closets until you (or a future buyer) need an elevator.

    Below you can see just how easy 2 closets can become a home elevator.

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    By planning now for a future home elevator, designers, architects, contractors, developers, home builders, and home owners can add value to their new home for pennies now and future-proof that home for accessibility forever.

    An elevator installed now may seem to be a luxury, and even frivolous. If you become disabled or grow old, it’s priceless!

    Carl Heldmann