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Wood Floors in a Kitchen - How to Install Video - Wood Floor Myths

Summary: Wood floors in a kitchen or any room in your house, including bathrooms, should offer a lifetime of beauty, service and resale value.

Carl, We are waffling on whether to put tile or hardwood in the kitchen.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wood floors in a kitchen?

Thanks, Ron

Hi Ron,

More time is spent standing up and walking around in a kitchen than any room in a house.

If you stand and walk on non resilient floors for any period of time, your back, legs, and feet ache…I know this for a fact.

Tile floors are non-resilient.

Kitchen wood floors are resilient.

Both can be, and usually are, beautiful.

A myth however, surrounds wood floors being used in kitchens.

According to Lumber Liquidators, the number 1 hardwood flooring myth is that wood floors should not be used in a kitchen.

As it turns out however, kitchens are one of the most popular rooms in the house for hardwood floors.

Kitchen hardwood floors are built to withstand heavy traffic and give long lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.

In my opinion, and I love tile, I don’t think tile comes close to the beauty of hardwood in a kitchen.

But tile does not have water as its number 1 enemy like hardwood does.

That to me is the main non-aesthetic difference.

But if you are careful and mop up spills quickly (who wouldn’t on any floor?), and get used to cleaning the hardwood with maintenance products and procedures that will not harm your urethane finish, you can enjoy the beauty of a hardwood floor for a long time.

Watch the hardwood floor installation video and read the Common Myths about hardwood floors:

How to Install Hardwood Flooring Video courtesy of Lumber Liquidators

Common Hardwood Myths: Courtesy of Lumber Liquidators
  • Myth: Wood floors should not be used in a kitchen.
  • Myth: Damp mopping is the best way to clean a wood floor.
  • Myth: Hardwood floors should not scratch or dent.
  • Myth: High heel shoes will not damage a wood floor.
  • Find out if these myths are true or false and See more Myths & Facts.
Carl Heldmann