Build Your Own House


Summary: Housewrap is as important to a home as insulation. Housewraps helps prevent water, moisture and air infiltration saving you energy and problems such as rot, mold, and mildew.

One of the many advantages of building a new house today is that they are built better than they used to be.

Back in the 70’s we used asphalt-impregnated paper, also know as felt to try and keep outside moisture from getting behind the siding or brick and into the stud walls.

Moisture in the stud walls creates all kinds of problems. It destroys wall insulation r value, causing energy loss in the winter and in the summer.

It causes wood studs and sills to actually rot away.

Since moisture can be caused by rain or excessive outside humidity as well as warm moist air from inside the house, it is important that housewraps be able to breathe.

That way, if moist warm air comes from inside the house it won’t get trapped.

Breathable microscopic pores allow any moisture to dissipate and allow the stud wall areas to dry out.

House Wrap is an energy saver because it protects and preserves your wall insulation.

Depending on the size and location of your new house, the money saved on energy costs alone can amount to several thousands of dollars per year!

Having house wrap installed is also important for an older home being remodeled with new siding.

Be sure your siding contractor wraps your house well.

Hot or cold, wrap it up! Carl Heldmann