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How to Get a Contractors License

Summary: Summary: A contractors license school can help you get a builders license or contractors license. You need to be licensed to build for other people. You don’t need to be a licensed contractor or builder to build your own home..

Carl, How do I get a builders license?


Hi Richard,

Start by reading my “Getting a Contractors State License

Then, contact the proper state licensing department directly for information.

To find contractor licensing requirements for your state or to find out if a contractor is licensed in your state:

• If you’re a homeowner, click here to find out if a contractor is licensed.

For a contractors license school and a contractors license class here’s American Contractors Exam Services.

Usually an exam or test is required to get a contractors license and the state provides exam guidelines. The tests are not usually too difficult, and_the experience required is usually minimal.

I recommend you take an exam prep course from a contractors license school before taking any state’s exam on contractors licensing.

Most state exams on any licensing, contracting, insurance, etc. are somewhat bizarre.<_p>

A contractors license class will prepare you for the test because they “teach towards the test (exam)”. Many classes guarantee passing or you can take the class again for free.

Good luck, Carl Heldmann