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Octagon Homes

Summary: Octagon houses are post and beam construction with a complicated roof design. Post and beam new home construction is also known as timber framing or timber frame construction.


My wife and I have a basic design of an octagon house. We are not going to build any time soon so we have plenty of time to do the research. Right now it's just a basic idea. Who do we go to or how can we draw up the blue print. I have plenty of time to learn to draw it up myself.


Hi Ray,

Most Octagon houses are post and beam construction which is an incredibly strong form of home construction.

Which leads me to a word of caution:

Octagon homes have a complicated roof design. The average carpenter would have a hard time framing an octagon home roof.

But, the roof panels and wall panels can be prefabricated by the manufacturer.

Still, an engineer must be involved in the design of octagon houses and experienced subcontractors used in their construction.

I love octagon houses. I have stayed in them at mountain resorts several times in the past and I love the way they just seem to hang off the side of a mountain.

Photos courtesy of Topsider Homes

Topsider Homes is a company that designs and manufactures Octagon homes.

You can modify one of their plans or, have them start with and work from yours.

They have design and manufacturing staff, assistance in locating local builders or subcontractors, and even financing.

Here’s some information from Topsider Homes.

Topsider Homes post and beam building system permits foundation types ranging from conventional crawl-spaces, slabs and basements to homes built on stilts, pilings and pedestals.

Topsider Homes are prefabricated homes with panelized building components.

Topsider Homes are an ideal residential building system, equally well suited for primary homes, vacation homes, retirement homes, beach houses, mountain homes, coastal homes and home additions.

Ray, this is not an endorsement of Topsider Homes nor any other company. I don't do endorsements.

As I always say, get references from whomever you deal with and always check those references.

Good luck. Carl Heldmann