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Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

Summary: Home fire sprinkler systems save your house and personal possessions. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors save lives.

Carl, I am looking building a 2 story steel frame house.

What can you say about Residential Fire Sprinklers?

Are they worth it?

The government has a good web site trying to sell the idea to tract builders, but I don’t see the idea promoted for custom homes.

Will there be a pay off in reduced fire insurance?

Thanks, Jim

Hi Jim, I say installing home fire sprinkler systems during new construction makes sense.

Smoke detectors can save your life. Home fire sprinklers save your stuff.

With most fires, one sprinkler, the one closest to the fire, is enough to suppress the fire so the whole system doesn't go off at once, minimizing water damage.

They are activated by extreme heat not smoke, so burning the toast or smoking will not set one off.

Fires sprinklers come in different colors and blend in to any homes decor.

Photo courtesy of Tyco Fire and Building Products

Fire Sprinkler Systems are not expensive, at least not as expensive as that restored 57 Chevy in the garage or that irreplaceable heirloom in the living room.

Besides, you may be eligible for discounts of up to 15% on your homeowners insurance premium.

Everyone should be fire conscious.

Carl Heldmann