Build Your Own House

Remodeling - Cleanup - Final Inspection


With final cleanup also comes trash removal, which should take only a few hours or one day, maximum. At this point you can complete any necessary landscaping.

Final Inspection and Mortgage Loan Closing

When all is done, be sure your subs have called for their final inspections and that you have called for a final building inspection. Again, if you don’t have a building inspection department, for peace of mind, call in an inspection engineer before final payment to relevant subs. Final inspections will verify compliance with code and that everything works.

When all work has been approved by inspectors, utility companies (if applicable), your lender, and most importantly you, you are ready to convert any construction financing to the permanent mortgage. This is usually arranged at the convenience of the lender, attorney, and you. It takes less than an hour. Now you can move in and enjoy.

Starting from Scratch – the Extreme Makeover

If you determine that renovating a house just isn’t worth it or you just want a new home on a particular site read my article at: House Tear Down - The Extreme Makeover

Good luck, Carl Heldmann


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