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What Is Brick Veneer Siding

Summary: Brick siding adds resale value to your home and is maintenance free. Your home siding options should include exterior brick veneer.

I have built many brick veneer homes.

Most people think that a brick home is made of solid brick.

Brick homes haven’t been made of solid brick since colonial days.

For the last 150 years, the brick has been constructed as brick veneer siding.

The brick is added to a new home as a decorative protective barrier, a veneer, just like other types of home siding, just a little more expensive than others.

All photos courtesy of Novabrick.

The greatest advantage of brick is curb appeal.

Prospective buyers feel that a new brick homes are more secure, more stately, require less maintenance, and maintain their beauty longer, and have a better resale value than any other type of home…and they are right.

I never had a problem selling a brick home, even in the slowest of housing markets.

The brick veneer siding cost was worth every penny.

However, finding good brick masons to lay brick veneer on a new home I was building was always a challenge for me.

The good ones were in heavy demand; the bad ones were more trouble than they were worth.

Brick systems seem to have solved that labor problem.

Workers without masonry skills can handle brick installation if it is mortar-less brick siding.

Here is one such brick system by Novabrick

Build it better, build it with brick.

Carl Heldmann