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Glass Block

Summary: Glass block allows you to enjoy natural light without losing privacy.

Everybody loves natural light in a home.

Natural light can’t be beat. But natural light is not always feasible due to a need for privacy.

Glass block solves the problem of privacy vs. natural light and adds wow factors to windows and walk in showers.

• Glass blocks add beauty to your home while adding flexibility to design.

• Glass block windows provide privacy, home security, and home insulation.

• Glass block windows are energy efficient.

• A glass block shower wall provides not only privacy, but gives the illusion of having a larger shower because of all the light glass blocks let in.

• By using a non-mildew forming seal on the mortar joints, they are virtually maintenance free.

• Bathroom windows, basement windows, room dividers, shower walls, entrance windows, the list of where you can utilize the beauty and functionality of glass blocks is endless.

• And yes, glass blocks can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer.

All photos courtesy of Monroeville Glass Block.

Carl Heldmann