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Skylights Installation

Summary: Use a skylight installer for skylight installation to prevent skylight leaks.

There is nothing more frightening to a home builder or home buyer than water leaks in a house. And, no water leak that I can think of is much worse than a roof leak.

Since skylights and roof windows tend to be centered over finished rooms with beautiful floors so when they leak water damage is instant and devastating.

In the past, even when I warned my home buyers that skylights leak and that we couldn't guarantee them they said don’t worry, we understand and we will take full responsibility for leaks…yea, right.

The phone calls were inevitable and whenever it rained, I worried.

So, over the years, my carpenters and I figured out how to install skylights, and even some huge roof windows, so that they would not leak.

None of this was rocket science. Water runs downhill and will eventually find the easiest route. The trick was to give water the easiest route around the skylight and not let it find its own route.

All things equal, it all hangs on proper skylight installation.

Courtesy of Wasco Skylights

Manufacturers  have also worried about leaks and made improvements in skylight design and installation instructions and procedures.

Use a skylight installer and be sure that this professional follows the manufacturer’s directions.

You don't have to be an expert, your skylight installer does. Be sure to read my article on how to find contractors.

Carl Heldmann