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Skylights For Homes

Summary: Home skylights and roof windows bring natural light into rooms making them feel more spacious and cheerful.

Skylight installation can best be done properly when building a new home or when re-roofing an existing home.

Years ago, my fellow home builders and I used to call skylights "sky leaks", because if you had a skylight it leaked.  They leaked both water and energy.

However, modern skylight design and proper installation by a professional installer have made skylights more water tight and more energy efficient.

I have built many homes with skylights and roof windows. Some were existing stock designs from manufacturers and some were custom designed which were then built on the job and professionally installed by my carpenters.

There is no doubt about it, Skylights and Roof Windows are great for adding "Wow" to any room.

Both are available in a variety of sizes and are easily added during construction.

Photo courtesy of Wasco

Carl Heldmann