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Summary: Estimate how much it costs to build a house in Tucson Arizona by using construction cost software.


I have purchased a set of house plans and was wondering if you could give me an estimated cost to build for them.

I am building in Tucson, AZ area code 85743.

The other issue is that this will be built on 10 acres of land that is located in flood plain.

If you can help please let me know what additional information you would need.

Thanks, Steve

Hi, Steve,

Sorry this took so long, but I’m real busy right now.

I did an estimate for this beautiful stucco home for the Tucson, Arizona area.

Using the construction estimating software found on cost estimating software I came up with a total cost of $425,407, or $105.27 per sq ft. The total cost includes a General Contractor markup of $54,588.

This estimate includes a slab foundation on grade, as required for normal soil conditions; 2X4 walls, stucco exterior, flat roof, average quality doors, windows, trim; all electric wiring and fixtures, rough and finish plumbing, built-in appliances, & design fees.

No contractor overhead or profit, no permits, equipment rental, insurance, or final cleanup are included in my estimated cost.

Note: Since this house is being built in a flood plain, as per letter, flood insurance will be required by the lender.

Also, the local building codes may (should) require a raised slab to a height determined by code. This will increase the cost of the foundation.

Plan 4041, John T Pela & Associates, Inc.,Architect, A.I.A.

This estimate used the following criteria with the construction cost software.

  • Total Living Area 4041
  • Number Of Corners 10
  • Foundation quality class 6
  • Exterior walls quality class (wood or light metal) 6
  • Exterior finish quality class 4
  • Windows & doors quality class 4
  • Roofing, soffit, fascia quality class 5
  • Interior finish quality class 4
  • Flooring quality class 4
  • Bathroom quality class 4
  • Kitchen quality class 4
  • Plumbing quality class 4

Note: Slab construction, a flat roof, and “average quality finish", PLUS a large heated area, helped keep the building cost per sq ft relatively low. (Remember; in most cases, cost per sq ft drops as size increases)

Highly decorative, starkly original or exceptionally well-appointed residences will cost more.

This estimate for building this house is an approximate one. Until you actually start getting bids for subcontractor labor & building materials and entering them into your own spreadsheet (see my spreadsheet page for FREE spreadsheets), it will remain approximate.

Add the cost of the land, government-mandated site development fees (impact fees) and the cost of bringing utility lines to the site, plus permits, utility hook-ups, the contractor's contingency, overhead and profit, and marketing and sales costs to arrive at an approximate retail (market) value.

Good Luck, Carl Heldmann (2014)